Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #55 Romance


For my 25th birthday, I asked for a Chanel lipstick because I wanted my first Chanel product to be, well, a little more special! (Do I sound naive?) So my sister got me a Rouge Coco Shine in #55 Romance and the name couldn’t be anymore well-fitting.


The concoction is perfection. Neither too sheer or opaque with just the right amount of moisture that doesn’t get slippy. On my skin tone, it is a medium neutral to slightly cool toned pink that has just the tinge of milkiness to show its true color on lips (not affected by your natural lip shade) but not too much that it emphasizes your lip texture. It also has a very tiny amount of fine shimmer that naturally enhances the lips.


It was hard for me to find a “pink” that was still pink but didn’t scream pink that is not another peachy pink (which I have aplenty) and this seems to tick all the boxes for me.

What is your favorite go-to pink lip shade?


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