Natural Beauty: Morning Calm


I discovered “natural soap” through Etsy, when I encountered Morning Calm several years back. I was immediately intrigued, but what really got me excited was the fact that the owner, Hwasoon Kim, was formulating her soaps with traditional Korean skin care ingredients such as Red Bean, Sanghwang Mushroom, and Hwangto Clay to name a few.

Growing up in a family with three other skin care conscious women, I was naturally exposed to a wide variety of cleansers yet had difficulty finding ones that worked for me. My skin is very oily, congested and sensitive, and a lot of foaming cleansers out there that claim to be “gentle yet effective” are usually one or the other, rarely both. Surprisingly, Morning Calm soaps were both. They removed daily build-up of oil and dead skin cells, any residue left from oil cleansing while leaving my skin feeling purified and soft but not squeaky clean. I’ve been a loyal customer ever since (4 years ago).

Once I stopped using her soaps temporarily and I noticed a huge difference. My skin got dry and patchy but grimy and congested at the same time that I had to exfoliate every other day if not every day (I was using Vichy and Laneige cleaners at the time). After using her Elvan Clay Soap for two weeks, not only did my skin come back, my skin felt unbelievably softer. My other favorite is Organic Green Tea (temporarily unavailable) which also leaves skin super smooth as if you actually rinsed with green tea water.

There aren’t many variety of soaps in stock currently, but she also sells beautiful lip balms, natural deodorants, cleansing oils and more. They make great gifts too! My mom’s picky Korean friends really enjoyed them that one asked me to place an order for her.

Overall, I think natural soaps are well worth trying especially if you have oily, congested or sensitive skin. It’s sad that soap gets a bad rep these days but I swear by them. Plus, they are economical since they are solid and will last you for ages. Other natural soap shops that I recommend are Herbivore Botanicals, Long Winter Farm and Rocky Top Soap.

What are your currently favorite natural beauty product?


7 thoughts on “Natural Beauty: Morning Calm

  1. Sharon! Great post. I am one who is skeptical of using soap these days as I feel they do congest my skin. I am also starting to realize that I have normal/dry but still sensitive skin.

    I am curious about using more natural soap and was wondering what soap you would recommend for my normal/dry yet sensitive skin.

    Also, I wanted to like the sample you let me try but felt it was a bit too strong for my skin, leaving it to want to break out a bit. My preferences include: some slight scent to it jasmine, green tea would be nice mixed with that charcoal type soap. Would to hear what you had to say!


    1. Thanks Tricia! I’m sorry to hear that.. I don’t think natural soap is for everyone, but I would still give it another shot and make sure you make enough lather (must!) and massage onto skin for 1-2 minutes.
      I also recommend looking into other soaps that have different formulations that may suit your skin better. Herbivore Botanicals’ Pink Clay and Blue Clay Cleansing Bars are lightly scented and the clay works to draw out impurities without drying out the skin. My friend has tried several products from Yoshimomo ( which noticeably improved the texture of her skin (though her skin is acne prone/ sensitive). Their Bamboo + Bentonite Soap sounds similar to what you are looking for (though no green tea in it).
      Hope this helped and let me know if you have any other questions! :)


  2. I think it’s awesome that you’re reviewing products from Etsy! Supporting small business owners is always something that I’d like to do more of myself. I’ve also been on a traditional medicine kick lately; glad to find this post :-))


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