Q&A: After the No-Buy Beauty Challenge

After the No-Buy Makeup Challenge… Jeanne asks Sharon

Jeanne: How long did your no-buy makeup last?

Sharon: 8 months. The no-buy challenge ended short because I went to Korea in March 2016. Yup.

Jeanne: What have you learned from the no-buy makeup challenge?

Sharon: Learned that I needed to stop buying hyped-up products and really think about making the purchase because I end up only using my favorites anyway.

Jeanne: How did you deal with the sudden change?

Sharon: We ended up doing a beauty swap a few months into the challenge and I found some good products like the Hada Labo lotion, which I ended up loving and finished! I also went on swapidu.com and found a great Too Faced Natural Matte palette, which I still enjoy using. These swaps helped soothe my desire for new beauty products.

Jeanne: How much money do you think you saved through the no-buy makeup challenge?

Sharon: Approximately $500!

Jeanne: What’s new in your beauty buying trends?

Sharon: Now I’m really into looking at what ingredients go into beauty products, especially with skincare. I will still purchase a product if I really want to but I’ve been trying to be more conscious about the quality of the products rather than getting distracted by the hype.



3 thoughts on “Q&A: After the No-Buy Beauty Challenge

  1. I’m surprised that there’s a website called “swapidu.com” is there a way to tag them here? I want to find out more about it. What are the items that you’ve shared with other ppl? What if it doesn’t match with your skin type or palette? Also… how much was it? SHARE MORE~~~

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    1. http://beauty.swapidu.com/ I sold a Becca highlighter once, but mostly we do exchanges. I swapped my Hourglass blush, Colourpop blushes and eyeshadows, Marc Jacobs contouring duo, Glossier cleanser, Bumble and Bumble haircare for a Lunasol eyedshadow palette, Tarte blush and lip gloss (new), etc. I do research of the item (swatches/ texture) and check the swapper’s reviews before agreeing to a swap. I recommend staying away from used cream/ liquid base products unless they are in a tube/ pump packaging, and look into powder products as they tend to be easier to sanitize. Also you can ask when the product was purchased. You also have to keep in mind that you will have to pay for postage : ) The best scenario is that you have a mindful collection of beauty products that you don’t need to swap with strangers, but I think occasionally it’s totally worth it! : )


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