My Travel Skincare


I want to share with you my travel skincare from my Cambodia/Korea trip last year. And although this was last year, most of my skincare routine has not changed.

I was packing for two different climates – (summer & winter) and thankfully my daily skincare items were mostly under the TSA 3-1-1 liquid requirement (3.4 oz or 100ml). I had to pack sample sizes of cleanser because I didn’t want to haul around a full size bottle.

What’s in my travel skincare bag:

  • Bonajour’s Green Tea Water Bomb Moisturizing Cream ($15.90+/3.38oz on amazon). I’ve raved about this in my Skincare Must-haves post and I still use it today! I picked up two more tubes. (>_<) It works great for my combination skin and can be layered several times if needed.
  • Espoir’s Water Splash Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ ($16.48/50ml on ebay). First time mentioning this product but this is a non-greasy sun cream that brightens your complexion and works wonderfully under makeup.
  • Manyo Factory’s Bifidalacto Complex ($32/1.76oz on Manyo Factory’s website). Another one of my favorites famous for being a dupe for Estée Lauder’s brown bottle (Advanced Night Repair).
  • Le Mieux EGF-DNA Epidermal Growth Factor Serum ($85/1oz on This product I got talked into buying (haha). It’s used for enhancing texture and radiance, ideal for use before and after laser treatments or micro-peels. I didn’t repurchase this bc of the price tag but I feel like it’s one of those products that you have to keep using to know if it did anything for you. I’ve also tried Klairs’ Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop ($30/0.67oz) which is also an EGF product but again, I didn’t see any immediate results. Not sure if it’s necessary to use an EGF product? What are your thoughts/experiences?

    Klairs’ Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop
  • CosRx’s One Step Pimple Clear Pads ($15.68/70ct). Haven’t mentioned these before but I’ve gone through 4-5 containers of these already. These are pre-soaked toner pads that balance your skin and the BHA works to reduce sebum. If you have acne-prone skin, these are a must try. I feel that they are gentle enough for everyday use and I get satisfied seeing some gunk come off my skin, even though I’ve already double cleansed!
    I love using these for travel and got a travel case with one of my purchases in Korea but it is easy to put a few of these pads in a zip-lock bag, which is what I’ve done before!

I did my best to find the lowest price for each of these items on the internet! I was surprised that the number of Bonajour listings on both amazon and ebay increased since my last skincare post. The listing prices were reduced also (~$23 to $15.90) which makes me think that I prob won’t have to special order these through a friend anymore :)

What are your skincare favorites to travel with? I found it convenient that my skincare products were already mostly under 100ml so I had no issue just packing these up along with some other liquids: perfume, toothpaste, liquid foundation and my contact lens necessities.

Below are some photos from my travels:

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DIY Lemon Preserves for Tea

The weather is changing and the sun is setting at an earlier hour. While Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Hot chocolates tempt us for a taste, why not try something a little healthier today?

I’m not a huge fan of lemons, or the taste of lemons, but I love this lemon preserve (or in Korean, 레몬청), because it has a deeper flavor than regular lemon tea. I love to make this and gift it to friends when the weather changes because it is a healthier alternative and packed with Vitamin Cs to fight off the coming cold. You can also add this to carbonated water for a sparkling iced lemon tea :)

Lemon Preserves (레몬청)


  • Glass jars (mason jars, jars that have an air-tight lid)
  • Lemons
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Baking soda
  • Sea Salt
  • Pot for boiling water and sanitizing jars


  1. Clean your lemons by scrubbing them with baking soda and then sea salt. If you want to take the extra step, you can also blanch the lemons in hot water but if you clean them well with baking soda and sea salt, I don’t think this is necessary.
  2. Slice off both tips of the lemon and cut the rest of the lemon in 1/3 inch slices and remove the seeds.
  3. Make sure the glass jars are dry with no water remaining.
  4. Start by pouring some sugar into the glass jar (enough so that you don’t see the bottom of the jar), then place a slice or two of lemon. Pour sugar over the lemon (enough so you don’t see the lemon slice anymore) and repeat layering the sugar over each lemon slice. You will feel that you are using a lot of sugar but this is necessary to preserve the lemons.
  5. Once the jar is full, seal it tight and let it sit in room temperature away from the sun until the sugar has melted. The sugar will melt within a few days. Once the sugar has melted, store in the refrigerator.
  6. Serve and enjoy! You can grab a slice of lemon and some of the preserved syrup and pour hot water over and serve as tea or enjoy it cold like lemonade.

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Let me know if you try this out! You can also use the same steps with grapefruit!

Copping Supreme


I tried copping some Supreme online

Background: After the whole Sephora x Moschino fiasco happened in 2017, I saw some Supreme posts on my social media feed and decided to do a little more research on the brand. The skater brand was born in NY in 1994 but it is now an iconic street wear brand with people lining up to buy their limited edition products. I had seen the brand before but worn by Asians mostly… (too many hypebeasts in my life?) So after looking into the brand and finding out that there was a huge re-seller market, I decided to give it a try.

First I did some research via google and learned:

  • Resellers are highly disliked 
  • Popular items sell out in seconds
  • Auto-fill functions save you time at checkout.. if they work
  • some people buy “bots” to help with purchases
  • There’s a half a year wait to join the Supreme reddit community (not sure if this is still the case in 2018)
  • You can’t buy two of the same product online
  • Items drop at 11am ET, sometimes a couple minutes early
  • You won’t be sure you got something until an email confirmation is received

I also watched some random youtube vidoes and looked up potentially popular items for the F/W 17 season.

8/24/17 7:30am PT/10:30am ET:
I think I obsessed a little too much over the collection and trying to cop. I woke up with a nightmare of not getting anything at all LOL.
I woke my sister up to be my backup so we could at least get something. The goal was to buy somewhat decent items that we would use/wear in case it didn’t sell.

8/24/17 8:00am PT/11:00am ET:
After furiously refreshing the shop screen, no, the items were not early but on time. I was caught off guard a little because the shop page just looked like this:


…and you had to scroll to the right to find your item. Good thing I knew what my product looked like but it took me a second to figure it out. Later I realized there was an option to “view all” on the bottom of the screen.

I went for the most popular item: The Nas tee but gave up shortly after failing to checkout a few times. This $44 tee was selling online for ~$300 shortly after!

So after freaking out/frantically telling my sister what to do/calming down/buying a few things, here is what we were able to buy:

  • Two beanies
  • Two hats
  • One hoodie
  • One track jacket
  • One shovel
  • One lighter

8/24/17 10:00am PT/12:00pm ET:

Started researching where I would resell these items and came across Offerup. Signed up and posted an item but there was an error on it. I marked it sold but couldn’t remove the listing. Stopped using after that.

8/24/17 1:00pm PT/4:00pm ET:

Moved onto facebook marketplace but after a few hours and not seeing any views going up on the listings, removed it (also was afraid of my real name being exposed). Talked to the sis about removing any listings for now until we received the actual items.

8/24/17 9:30pm PT:

After watching some youtube videos and doing some more research, I created an instagram account and posted up the items there. This way my name would not be out there and I would just deal with people through messages. Another concern I had was that I was a woman trying to sell and not a man. The Supreme community seemed to be mostly comprised of males and I wanted to avoid any stereotypes. I tried to make my account seem as generic as possible and researched what other accounts looked like.

11/17/17 4:58pm PT:

A lot of time has passed and I haven’t really updated because:
1. I got a few offers via instagram but they were mostly low-ball offers.
2. I wasn’t so sure about selling via instagram anymore because of the risk of getting scammed.
3. A friend offered to let me use his account on reddit which would work better.

I also realized that I was super lucky to get the amount of items that I did because a lot of people using bots weren’t able to during the first drop.

More things I learned:

  • There are drops every Thursday mostly of collaborations with other brands like Nike, NorthFace, Everlast, etc. These drops were smaller than the first drop but sometimes really rare and highly sought after.
  • There really is no end to the hypebeast culture once you get started

Fast forward about a year now to 10/1/18 4:03pm PT:

A lot happened in a year:

  • I considered using StockX but ended up selling most of my items on ebay. StockX is useful for checking how much items are selling for.
  • I also purchased more Supreme items from time to time, either helping friends cop or attempting to go after something really hyped.
  • Most Supreme orders come with at least one Supreme sticker. Sometimes you get some interesting stickers depending on the season’s drop. Some people sell these stickers online but you can request to buy stickers from the Supreme NY store.
  • I sold most of my items for profit and donated a few to a good cause. If you’re willing to go through the hassle/risk of selling, you could make some money.
  • 10/10 people assumed I was a guy when they messaged me about items.
  • I got into reselling other things and made some money, but I’ll save that for later

Highest profit was made from this Madonna Tee, sold for about 5 times the retail price: Supreme Madonna

Most regrettable purchase is this shovel, did not even attempt selling bc of the low demand and how much it would cost to ship out this heavy thing:Capture6

StockX doesn’t even let you list it LOL!Capture

So conclusion, the experience has been pretty interesting, would I continue to buy/sell Supreme? maybe, maybe not! What are your thoughts about Supreme or the whole resellers’ market?

Jeanne’s Skincare Must-haves!

A few things about my skin type: I have oily/combination acne-prone skin but I often feel like I lack moisture if I only use acne products or super lightweight/oil-free products. The lack of moisture also creates more oil and breakouts so I try to moisturize my skin (but not overly) with these steps.

1. Cleanser: I use the same cleanser as Sharon and it really is all that she says it is! It’s Paula’s Choice’s SKIN BALANCING Oil-Reducing Cleanser ($18/ 8oz, $26/ 16 oz). I normally will not use a cleanser in the morning unless I really feel the need to, but when I do, this doesn’t strip my skin because of its creamy and moisturizing nature. This is also what I use in the evenings after an oil cleanser.
How I use this: I will wet my hands and face with water and then lather the cleanser in my hands before use.


2. Toner: I feel like I go through toners pretty quickly because they are usually water-like. I’ve gone through quite a few recently, from high-end to drug store-

But after I started caring a little more about what ingredients are in the products that I use, I switched to Shingmulnara’s Propolis Refresh Toner ($23.20/8.79oz), which is a more gentle yet moisturizing formula. It is by far the most moisturizing formula when compared to the other products I’ve used and it is supposed to be good for wrinkle care. Propolis in general is known for its anti-inflammatory, healing and anti-bacterial nature. The product has a thicker consistency and is almost gel-like (reminds me of melted jello?).
How I use this: I will take a cotton pad and sweep the product over my face to remove any remaining makeup/oil. Sometimes I add another step by taking the product into my hands and patting it into the face for extra moisture.

JHK 091617_TONER

3. Essence/Lotion: I have been using two of Manyo Factory’s products (again, no harsh chemicals) for this step religiously and will usually switch between these two products as I run out. I am currently almost out of the Galactomyces Niacin Special Treatment Essence ($26/1.76oz), which is one of their best-selling products. It is well-known for containing 97% of galactomyces, which is the fermented ingredient that SK-II is known for in their treatment essence. I give credit to this product for clearing up my skin and evening my skin tone out. The other product is the Bifidalacto Complex ($32/1.76oz), which is supposed to be a dupe for Estée Lauder’s brown bottle (Advanced Night Repair). Because both of these products contain Niacin, I will alternate between them.
How I use these: I will massage in a few drops to my face and neck before moisturizer.


4. Cream: I say cream, but this is really more of a cream/lotion type of product, Bonajour’s Green Tea Water Bomb Moisturizing Cream ($24.99+/3.38oz on ebay & amazon). This is my holy grail product. I’m having withdrawals because I ran out and am waiting for a friend to get it for me from Korea, rather than buying it for double its price from amazon/ebay :( they only have an online store and last time I checked they don’t ship internationally.
So, what’s so great about it? I feel like this is the perfect product for people who have my skin type, the oily/combination-but-needing-moisture types. It is moisturizing like a “water bomb” yet not heavy where I feel like I would break out. Bonus? It’s anti-aging and it has no harsh ingredients! It’s also really cheap…if you can get it straight from Korea (they never replied to my email inquiry LOL).
How I use this: I will apply a dime size amount to face and neck after essence. I will apply another layer as needed when my skin feels especially dry and pat it in.

JHK 091617_CREAM

Other creams I’ve tried:

  • Belief’s The True Cream Aqua Bomb & The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb ($38/1.68oz) – the aqua bomb is a gel-like texture compared to the moisturizing bomb which is a little more heavy. Both of these were decent but they are more expensive and contain three types of PEGs and fragrance (chemicals) that can irritate/affect the skin over time.
  • L’OCCITANE’s Shea Light Comforting Cream ($29/1.7oz) – I’ve gone through two of these and generally liked it but this product also contains chemicals (phenoxyethanol and fragrance) and eight different ingredients that can potentially cause allergic reactions (benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, linalool, citronellol, coumarin, hexyl cinnamal, limonene and geraniol)
  • ATOPALM’s Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream ($28/1.7oz) & Real Barrier Extreme Cream ($33.60/1.7oz) – these were really gentle but the extreme cream was a little too heavy for me. I would try the intense moisture cream again. These did not contain any harsh chemicals, only stearic acid which could clog pores.

What are your skincare must-haves? Do you have any recommendations? Would love to hear from you! Also, I am looking for a sulfate free & paraben free gentle shampoo if you have any recommendations!

A First-time Seller’s Experience @ Buffalo Exchange


After many years of abandoning our closets, Sharon and I used the Holiday weekend to sort out our clothes.

I did some research to see if we could sell our gently worn, decent clothing items and remembered Buffalo Exchange.

Buffalo Exchange is kind of a trendy thrift store. I would say that generally you find nicer items or unique items from the store. I bought a pair of BDG overalls for less than $10 in the past.

Because this was our first time selling, I read through the Buffalo Exchange website and some Yelp reviews of the nearby store. Most of the reviews were terrible (from a seller’s perspective). I got a little nervous because the sellers were saying “buyers” (the store workers who buy the clothes from you) hardly took anything and were paid very little for nice items.

We ended up with three big bags of clothes that comprised of:

· Sweaters from Gap, Calvin Klein, Loft

· Dresses from Mossimo (at Target), H&M and Wildfox

· Skirts from ASOS, Target

· Jeans from Loft, Calvin Klein, BCBG Maxmara

· And many other items – shirts, jackets, etc.

I would like to add that our closet is mostly comprised of classic and very wearable items.

Well, long story short, the buyer took FOUR things out of the THREE bagfuls of clothes that we brought in and passed on everything else…The website mentioned some brands that they loved and it included ASOS, Calvin Klein and Loft, but the buyer didn’t take a single pair of Loft jeans (they were all in good condition and in various washes) or a freakin’ Wildfox dress (brand new with tags)!

The items the buyer took:

· Black quilted faux leather skirt from Target – new with tags

· Dark wash Chambray shirt – just the generic kind in thin material

· Black and metallic Calvin Klein sweater

· Blush colored plain T-shirt – the buyer said it was pretty…

And we left the store with $14.40 in cash…

I’m not gonna lie, it did feel weird getting our clothes rejected. I understood why the Yelp reviewers were so upset – it felt kind of personal when the buyer “passed” on clothes that we once loved. The buyer explained that the store was buying Fall items in the current trend, etc. but it still kinda hurt.

Anyway, I’m not sure if it was worth the trip but if you have extra time on your hands and some clothes that you think the store will buy, go ahead and check Buffalo Exchange out. I would call the store to see what kind of items they are looking for. Otherwise, PASS!