BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliner Review

Because of my super oily skin and puffy eyes, most pencil eyeliners tend to smudge on me after a few hours (like Urban Decay) and applying a potted gel eyeliner with a brush can be a hassle sometimes.. So I’m happy to have discovered gel pencil eyeliners recently which have the best of both worlds – quick and easy pencil with a long lasting waterproof/ smudgeproof formula.
The best I’ve tried so far are BBIA’s Last Auto Gel Eyeliners (~$8-10 from ebay). They are not the thinnest but they come with a built in sharpener. They are very creamy (but not too creamy like KissMe’s Heavy Rotation Gel Pencil Eyeliner or slightly waxy/ hard like The Face Shop’s FACE it Styling Auto Gel Eyeliner). They set very quickly and once they do, WILL NOT BUDGE. They have a range of wearable shades and I have three in Jazz, Retro Brown and Champagne.
BBIA's Jazz, Retro Brown & Champagne
BBIA’s Jazz, Retro Brown & Champagne

Jazz is a deep brown. Retro Brown is a deep warm red brown. Champagne is great for subtle highlighting the inner corners and the aegyosal area because it’s not too frosty, too pink or too gold. Highly recommend them all!