A First-time Seller’s Experience @ Buffalo Exchange


After many years of abandoning our closets, Sharon and I used the Holiday weekend to sort out our clothes.

I did some research to see if we could sell our gently worn, decent clothing items and remembered Buffalo Exchange.

Buffalo Exchange is kind of a trendy thrift store. I would say that generally you find nicer items or unique items from the store. I bought a pair of BDG overalls for less than $10 in the past.

Because this was our first time selling, I read through the Buffalo Exchange website and some Yelp reviews of the nearby store. Most of the reviews were terrible (from a seller’s perspective). I got a little nervous because the sellers were saying “buyers” (the store workers who buy the clothes from you) hardly took anything and were paid very little for nice items.

We ended up with three big bags of clothes that comprised of:

· Sweaters from Gap, Calvin Klein, Loft

· Dresses from Mossimo (at Target), H&M and Wildfox

· Skirts from ASOS, Target

· Jeans from Loft, Calvin Klein, BCBG Maxmara

· And many other items – shirts, jackets, etc.

I would like to add that our closet is mostly comprised of classic and very wearable items.

Well, long story short, the buyer took FOUR things out of the THREE bagfuls of clothes that we brought in and passed on everything else…The website mentioned some brands that they loved and it included ASOS, Calvin Klein and Loft, but the buyer didn’t take a single pair of Loft jeans (they were all in good condition and in various washes) or a freakin’ Wildfox dress (brand new with tags)!

The items the buyer took:

· Black quilted faux leather skirt from Target – new with tags

· Dark wash Chambray shirt – just the generic kind in thin material

· Black and metallic Calvin Klein sweater

· Blush colored plain T-shirt – the buyer said it was pretty…

And we left the store with $14.40 in cash…

I’m not gonna lie, it did feel weird getting our clothes rejected. I understood why the Yelp reviewers were so upset – it felt kind of personal when the buyer “passed” on clothes that we once loved. The buyer explained that the store was buying Fall items in the current trend, etc. but it still kinda hurt.

Anyway, I’m not sure if it was worth the trip but if you have extra time on your hands and some clothes that you think the store will buy, go ahead and check Buffalo Exchange out. I would call the store to see what kind of items they are looking for. Otherwise, PASS!


Colourpop Blush Review – Holiday, Trickery & Olive

I am so happy to have discovered Colourpop Cosmetics this year! After hearing many good reviews on Youtube, I decided to try out their blushes first and I am now hooked. I got three shades in Holiday, Trickery and Olive.
colourpopblush2 copy
The texture (very hard to describe as you all know) is a creamy, moussey, doughy powder that is best applied with your fingertips. I love the velvety texture that can be worn before or after powder and they don’t go on patchy. Plus they are super long-wearing (lasted 10+ hours on me).
Holiday is a matte coraly peachy shade. Trickery is a pastel peach with a satin finish (has a little bit of fine shimmer particles) and Olive is a matte baby pink. So far Trickery is my favorite, it’s the perfect peach for my skintone. Olive is slightly too cool for my skin tone so I love to apply just on the apples of my cheeks over a light layer of Trickery for a little pop. 
I have been reaching for these almost everyday over high end blushes and I can’t really think of anything negative to say about them. At $8 a pop, I think these are a great way to try out both fun and wearable colors.