Q&A: After the No-Buy Beauty Challenge

After the No-Buy Makeup Challenge… Jeanne asks Sharon

Jeanne: How long did your no-buy makeup last?

Sharon: 8 months. The no-buy challenge ended short because I went to Korea in March 2016. Yup.

Jeanne: What have you learned from the no-buy makeup challenge?

Sharon: Learned that I needed to stop buying hyped-up products and really think about making the purchase because I end up only using my favorites anyway.

Jeanne: How did you deal with the sudden change?

Sharon: We ended up doing a beauty swap a few months into the challenge and I found some good products like the Hada Labo lotion, which I ended up loving and finished! I also went on swapidu.com and found a great Too Faced Natural Matte palette, which I still enjoy using. These swaps helped soothe my desire for new beauty products.

Jeanne: How much money do you think you saved through the no-buy makeup challenge?

Sharon: Approximately $500!

Jeanne: What’s new in your beauty buying trends?

Sharon: Now I’m really into looking at what ingredients go into beauty products, especially with skincare. I will still purchase a product if I really want to but I’ve been trying to be more conscious about the quality of the products rather than getting distracted by the hype.